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Stress free selling

Tests are written. Scores are coming in. School is finally over. For some, it will be as short as four years. While longer for others. Does not matter for how long your student was at school for. All that matters now is selling the house your student has been living in.

Generally, this is done with a realtor who is an expert in their market. They know what to sell a house for to get top dollar. Sadly, this service comes at a price tag that will eat away at the money which is supposed to pay off student debt. On top of their fees is usually a sales tax on top of that. Not to mention that some areas require the seller to hire a survey company to create a real property report before you can sell. Also do not forget the lawyer fees and mortgage fees. All this can easily cost $10,000 as a minimum. Depending on the area it can be a lot more. We have a simple solution to sell your property without having to spend all that money as you would the conventional way.

So... How do we sell a house fast with out realtors and put more money in your student’s bank account? We also say it is simple. How can that be?

Well, we sell the house to the next student who wants to graduate debt free. We have already done the marketing to attract students, so there is no need to pay a realtor company for something that we are already doing. This is also why we care so much about the general maintenance of the house. To the point where we look after it. We need to make sure that it is move in ready for the next student. As well as the student after that.

When it comes time to sell your students home, one of the biggest questions is how much to sell it for. Normally this is dependant on the market. Is it going up or down? Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market? Lastly how fast do you need the house to sell? For graduated students time is of the essence. The faster the house is sold the sooner they can move forward with their career.

As for the cost to sell at, we do not follow the market trends. We look at what the average house appreciation for the past 50 years for the area and use that to determine the sale price.

The reason we do this is to prevent a student from trying to sell their home during a market correction. If this were to happen; our students would not be making money to pay off student debt, they would be going into deeper debt. Their student debt would also include the remaining balance to the mortgage. This goes against what we do. We set students up for success by getting them out of debt, not adding more for them to pay off.

Contact so we can get your student debt free when they graduate.

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