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Stress. Everyone knows it is the silent killer

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Stress. Everyone knows it is the silent killer

We have all experienced stress one way or another. Stress experiences are different for everyone as they happen at different stages of life and are caused by many things. Some of the most common stresses are work stress, relationship stress, school stress, and financial stress.

The last two are what I am worried for today's students as they go hand in hand. With growing post secondary costs, todays students are feeling overwhelmed by stress to complete school with good grades. Why, because without good grades, one may not be able to pass the course. But will they be able to find a career that can sustain their way of life and pay off all the debt that was incurred? Financial stress can be nasty as finances dictate so much about a person’s way of life. Not having enough money for student loan payments can destroy one’s credit. Without good credit one cannot get a place to stay, a car, or even utilities to keep a house heated. Students should not be put into this kind of stress while they are just starting out in the work force. Post secondary is supposed to set people off for success. To get them off on the right foot. Not hold them back with a giant ball and chain called debt.

The only thing that is worse about having student debt is paying it back. Students have been preparing for post secondary since high school and some maybe even before that. So, what is worse than having debt? It is not being able to pay it off doing the job that they have been training for a larger portion of their lives. They maybe did not get high enough grades to get the career of their dreams. Or worse yet, they did not pass their course at all. Does not matter, the debt still has to be paid back. That is a lot of stress on a young adult coming into the world.

Now imagine going into school knowing that you must pass your course, or else you cannot pay off the student debt that will be incurred while at school. Most students get after school jobs to ease the burden of money so that they can still cover the costs of daily living expenses. But this working after school cuts into the time needed to complete assignments and study for tests. Good grades are hard to come by when one cannot put in the required time that is needed to succeed. Grades are not only affected by not having enough time to prepare but are also affected by the state of mind. For example, is the student going into a test or wrapping up the final touches of an assignment? If one’s thoughts are on how to pay back the loan, they are not focused on what needs to be done.

We have a cutting-edge solution that helps eliminate the financial stress of going to school. By eliminating the financial stress of students, they can dedicate all their efforts to getting great grades and securing their dream career.

Contact us for solutions on how to lessen the financial stress of your student, so that they can get great grades, great job of their dreams, and minimal debt overhead.

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