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Picking a house to become a home

There are a couple life events that are scary and exciting all at the same time. Buying a house is one of them.

It is scary choosing a house with the right layout, location, and turning this huge investment into a home.

Later comes the exciting part of making the house the you bought, your home. From choosing the paint colours and furniture, that speak to your personality. Even the choice of art that is hung on the walls all make a house a unique home.

We are not able to help make a house a home because a home is unique to everyone. What we are able to do is help pick out a house for your student to live in while attending post secondary school. Not only will your student be living in a great house, they will be in a great area that is student friendly.

When buying a house. Everyone says says there a three important rules that determine the over all value of the property. Rule 1) location. Rule 2) location. Rule 3) location.

While following our rules for helping your student to select a house to live in while attending school, we require the house to be within a 20 to 30 minute commute. This allows your student to buy a great house without paying the walking to class premium that most houses have being next to campus. The reason we chose 20 to 30 minutes as our guideline is because that would be roughly the time it would take to walk to class from the houses that are right next to campus. This time commuting between school and home is also very important as it allows your student to decompress to get ready for after class studies.

After some thought when buying a house, there is a fourth rule. The layout of the house. Seeing as there will be roommates living there as well, we need to consider them when picking a house.

The houses we help your student pick are large single family homes that will have enough space so that everyone have their own space and privacy. For best results there needs to be 3 to 4 roommates living with your student. So houses are picked to make sure everyone has there own room and that they only have to share a bathroom with one other person. Both kitchen and laundry will be shared by everyone as we are not looking for legal suites. Legal suites would not be cost efficient for your student.

Contact us so that we can get your student in their own home.

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