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Owning a home is stressful.

There are many things that someone must do to keep a home up and running. Maintenance is big; when something breaks, such as a hot water tank, it needs to be fixed if hot showers are wanted. That goes the same for the cooking range and hot meals. The list goes on for almost every item that is in the house. Fixing is only part of it, there is also the financial burden of keeping everything up and running. Do not forget about the mortgage payments and property taxes that need to be paid on a monthly basis as well.

Our program is to get your student to own their own home, while attending post secondary and to ensure that it will be stress free. As mentioned in previous articles mentioned that our program combines the pros of both owning a home and renting a home. Students are also able to devote more time at their studies is something that we mentioned as well. How on earth are we saying that your student will be able to graduate with little to no debt by owning their home? We must be crazy is going through your mind.

Well we are not! Our program works the way it does, because we take on all the stress of looking after a home for your student. We have contractors near all our client’s homes so that when there is an issue it is fixed fast. We even look after the bill for the repairs. We accomplish this by helping the homeowner to rent out the remaining rooms to classmates and collecting rent so that the homeowner does not need to worry about that.

Part of going to post secondary school is the introduction of new people that can turn into lifelong friends. This is done by either struggling together, through class work together, or by being roommates in dorms. We help foster this by selecting fellow students who have similar life views, to live in the house that your student owns. Each month we collect rent and make sure all the monthly bills are paid and up to date as well as look after all the repairs that accrue throughout their time residing at their home.

We manage the house so that your student does not need to. We take on the burden of the well being of the house so that your student can focus on their studies. At the end of the day, we help sell the house so that your student can get their equity out to pay off their student debt and start off their life ahead of the game.

Want to know more?

Contact us so that this can be you.

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