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About Us

The beginning

In 2017 we had idea. It started when a family member wanted to go back to post secondary for a career change. During this time a question was asked that would lead to the formation of this company. How can we help this family member with the burden of student debt without them needing an after school job?
Sadly we were not able to help this family member with their student financials, but the question did not go away. That was when we realized that this family member was not the person who needed help with student debt. At that moment we knew that we were on the right track to helping others.
For the past three years our focus has been coming up with a solution and refining the solution to our question. We have been in contact with real estate investors, business start up mentors and now we are ready to share our answer. Get the student to own their own home while attending school.
Contact us today and we will set up a plan to get your student to own their own home and how to use that home to pay off student debt.


Christel Reimer



Tyrell Reimer



Scott Arden

Board of Advisor

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